Commercial roller shades for businesses


Shadetec Miami has a large selection of roller shade fabrics to coordinate with the existing design of your space.

Commercial roller shades provide energy efficiency, elegance and durability and are a great option for hotels, restaurants and more. Roller shades are very easy to use- just pull them down when you need to- and require little maintenance. 

We are authorized dealers for Somfy, Lutron, Norman, Bandalux, Hunter Douglas and Coulisse and most give the option for motorized shades,either hardwired or battery operated motors, which make their use even more convenient. 

Our shades can be programmed to work with many popular home automation systems such as Control 4 and Crestron. You can also control some of our shades via an APP on your mobile device. We work closely with many audio & visual professionals who choose as their shade partners when needing to automate a home or commercial project.

Controlling the amount of sunlight that enters your business or property is important for maintaining a comfortable and stylish interior, for climate control and even protecting furniture and floors from sun damage. Roller shades can help you create the style and ambiance you’re looking for.

Commercial Roller Shades

Shadetec Miami offers roller shades with a wide variety of fabrics, full motorization and automated controls, custom colors and designs, and high-quality manual mechanisms. These are recommended for blackout, light filtering and room darkening.

Wide selection of fabrics with color options, openness and style.

Features include:

  • A variety of fascia and valance options
  • Versatile range of motors and controls
  • Child-safety features fully compliant with ANSI standards

Design Options


More than 100 fabrics, with a variety of openness ranging from 0% to 30% as well as printed roller shades and custom made designs.

Dual Shades

Add versatility to any space by allowing two different styles of fabrics to the same window (one in front of the other).

Coupled Shades

Coupled shades utilize a single clutch to operate multiple shades.


A simple extruded aluminum top treatment to conceal the shade mechanism from the front and sides. Offered in 3″ and 4″ standard profiles for single shades and 7″ for dual shades. Reverse roll is available upon request. Top and back cover are available on 3″ and 4″ profiles only.

Side Channels

To prevent light leakage at the sides of the shade, add extruded aluminum side channels to frame the window and guide the shade in place.


The 3 sided extruded aluminum pocket can be ceiling or surface mounted to accommodate a variety of roller shade needs. Available in 5.25″ and 9″, both sizes can house single and dual shades. A bottom closure can be added with side channels and the RB 500 bottom bar to allow for full blockout.

Manual Shade Operation

Chain and crank operating systems are available. Standard and heavy-duty clutches operate with a stainless steel chain loop and clear plastic chain tensioner, compliant with ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2012. Crank operation allows the user to raise effortlessly and safely lower oversized and hard-to-reach windows with one easy-to-use crank. Available in left or right-side control and standard or reverse roll.

Motorized Shade Operation

RTS, Standard, and Battery operated motors available.

RTS Motors

With the RTS motor, the end user can have wireless control over any motorized window covering via a radio remote control or an RTS wall switch. This customizable and versatile motor is a great option for commercial use.

Features Include:

  • Battery Operated motor
  • Solar Battery Pack available
  • Plug-in motors
  • 5 control options
    Additional motor options available for narrow and over-sized shades
    Quick Disconnect available for easy installation

RTS Remote Controls

Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) remote controls and wall switches allow for up to a 65-ft. control range. The radio waves travel through walls, eliminating the need to point or aim the transmitter at the window covering. With a simple press of a button, users have the ability to control all motorized window coverings individually and/or as a group with one control.

Features Include:

  • Wireless Wall Switch
  • Wireless Remote
  • Universal Interface
  • Timer
  • Sun Sensor

Standard Motors

Standard motors are hard wired and must directly connect to the control switch.

Features Include:

  • Best in new construction or where wire running is permitted
  • Electrician is required to supply power to controls
  • Single and dual motor switches available
  • Quick disconnect available for easy installation

Restaurant Roller Shades in Miami

Roller shades for restaurants have similar requirements as any other commercial space. Just like hotels, corporate offices and retail spaces dining facilities need window treatments that provide comfort and convenience for both employees and customers. Roller shades can also  enhances the décor and help create a particular ambiance.  

Motorized roller shades may be raised or lowered with ease via remote, without disturbing patrons. With the unique addition of manual override, the roller shades may also be raised or lowered individually, providing a customized experience.

Motorized roller shades can be programmed to operate without any staff or customer action. 

Roller Shades from Shadetec Miami will find the perfect solution for any type of restaurant looking to upgrade their window coverings, modify decor or enhance dining room comfort.