Our awnings from Bandalux and Rainier offer privacy and protection from the elements for your home or business. They are made with strong, rust-proof materials and are designed to last in a harsh outdoor environment. More than just a functional addition, they can shape or enhance your building’s aesthetic identity.


Our motorized retractable awnings feature motors and controls made by Somfy, allowing you to retract and extend your awning using a wall switch, remote control, or an app on your smartphone or tablet. You also have the option of installing wind, sun, and rain sensors that fold your awnings automatically when needed.

Homeowners who purchase a motorized awning system tend to be more satisfied with their purchase than those who don’t. Remote control technology makes using your awning convenient, and you will be less likely to experience damage due to an awning being extended in bad weather or rolling up the fabric the wrong direction.


We offer hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect fabric to complement the color palette of your building. Designs are tailored to any size in order to fulfill their decorative role and protect against the sun by shading open areas. Our systems can be adapted to any outdoor space to provide elegance and style, while maintaining visual and thermal comfort. 


At Shadetec, we fully understand that a great product is not enough: the installation is a crucial step of the process. Our very own professional team is trained to make sure that the products you purchase are properly installed with care and respect for your space. We have extensive experience working in hotels, high-rises and luxury homes, so no project is too unfamiliar or daunting for our seasoned team.

About the Brands

Bandalux awnings are made in Spain, Italy, and the USA.