Residential bathroom with plantation shutters

Shadetec Miami offers high-quality hand-crafted wood plantation shutters and popular plantation shutters in Miami Florida and surrounding areas. We only sell Norman and Hunter Douglas Shutters.

Plantation shutters are a sleek, stylish, low maintenance and durable solution for residential use. Cleaning plantation shutters is as simple as wiping them with a damp cloth, duster or lightly vacuuming with an upholstery brush.
Plantation shutters constructed with UV resistant Polysatin compound are guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor, regardless of extreme heat or moisture making them an ideal choice for high humidity areas such as Florida.

Custom shutters are available in several different materials such as real wood, composites, and polymers. We will always guide you as to which material best suits your needs. We have shutters with door handle cut outs for french doors, sliding shutters on tracks for sliding doors and bi-folding panels. Shutters also contain no cords, which is a nice safety feature for parents with young children.

These shutters will not only block light or add privacy, but will enhance the look of any space. Plantation shutters are an attractive and energy efficient window covering. Installed inside window frames with a tight fit, the shutters provide exceptional insulation from heat or cold. Plantation shutters allow you to control the sunlight and airflow coming in with easy adjustments.

There are many options when ordering plantation shutters for your house or condo, making them very adaptable to any space. These options include variety of louver widths, trim moldings, inside mount frames, outside mount frames, invisible tilt rods. Choose from different colors, wood stains or create your own custom shutter paint color or stain to match any style.

When you add interior wood shutters to a Miami home, you improve energy efficiency, gain extra privacy and security, and significantly increase your home’s value. Shutter add an architectural appeal and can give your home a whole new look. If you want to change the appearance of your house without remodeling, install custom plantation shutters.

When you purchase wood plantation shutters, you can let the natural beauty of the wood shine through. Staining the shutters to furniture quality standards enhances the natural wood grain patterns and creates a luxurious, clean look with a smooth finish.

Our beautiful custom plantation shutters for interior windows and French doors enhance home aesthetics, improve energy efficiency, and increase privacy and security.  Shutters are a timeless, permanent addition to your house that increase its resale value. They are also less than cheaper window coverings that constantly have to be replaced. 

How Plantation Shutters Work

Shutters are custom fitted for doors and windows. Different from other window coverings, plantation shutters mount into a window frame, filling the frame completely. Rather than moving up and down or sliding sideways like most window blinds, plantation shutters open and close with a rod or can be opened completely like a door. If you want to let the sunlight or breeze in, but maintain your privacy, simply adjust the shutters.

What to Consider

There are a few steps to consider and our team of experts will help you make the best choice for your space. The first, and most important step, is deciding if you'd like to mount the shutters in your window frame or on the wall surface. 

Inside versus outside mount

Inside mount plantation shutters fit completely inside the window or door opening. If the window is set deeply and has no obstruction (such as a handle), they can be flush to the wall. If the window is shallow or you prefer a bolder look, the shutters will be set above the surface.

Plantation Shutter Frame Width

Most of our shutters have a surrounding frame that holds the plantation shutter in place. If you’re thinking of inside mount placement, a smaller frame allows more light with the shutter slats open. If you prefer an outside mount, or if there is plenty of light, then make your selection according to the room style. Larger frames coordinate with larger sized trim and room detail.

Shutter Frames

The shutter frame is the outside edge that attaches to your window or wall and the shutter panels in turn attach to the frame. The type of frame selected depends on the function and style desired. Some frame styles double as decorative molding, others are less noticeable, while others provide extra depth to help clear window handles and other obstructions.

Plantation Shutter Options

There are several upgrade options, including cloth tapes, routeless slats, cordless operation and motorization. Cloth tapes are meant to enhance the style and soften the look of the shutter. Routeless slats take light control and privacy to the next level by providing better room darkening. Cordless offers easy operation and is an important safety consideration for homes with small children, as loose cords can be dangerous